Using Signs to Advertise Your Business

download (12)No matter what your business, in order to gain new customers, you need to advertise. While the internet and social media have become a great platform for that, unless you are a large business, chances are you won’t be able to reach all of your audience using that method. Studies have actually shown that 50% of new customers for start-up businesses come in because of a sign that caught their eye. With such a large part of customers typically living or working within a 5 mile radius of any business they enter, it is important to have on site advertising to help draw in those new customers.

For me, road trips were a part of growing up. Loading up the car and traveling across the country you get to see a lot of things you normally wouldn’t. One of my favorite memories from those long trips was always the excitement you experienced when you saw a sign saying “so many miles” until “world’s largest whatever”. Being from the Midwest, cornfields were a common site on road trips and it was always great to spot a sign giving you hope for something exciting ahead. I remember when we first moved into our town there were yard signs every half mile or so going down the main highway, each one with a single word that once you passed them all read “5 miles until world’s greatest hot dogs at Jeanie’s Weenies”. Those passing by would be so curious as to what they were reading that by the time they reached the end of the signs they were left wanting to go try Jeanie’s Weenies! This just goes to show the effectiveness of signage for your business.

Signs don’t always have to be lining the highway. Most businesses will have a metal sign out front to help customers find their location. These signs, although simple, must be eye catching and easy to read. There have been multiple times driving down the road where I see a sign and can’t read it until I’m right up on it, making it too hard stop or causing me to have to turn around. Bright colors are a great way to grab attention, but you need to be sure that they contrast enough with the background and are not made invisible if the sun is shining on the sign. Fancy fonts can also lead to complications when customers are trying to read your sign. Overall just keep it simple yet informative.